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Brief History:

The eCareRx dream started at the Grenada School of Nursing over 36 years ago.   Founder, Deann Scott, a then young nursing student, after learning about the history of Nursing, was intrigued by the contributions made by her most famed predecessors, and determined then that she must do something to leave her mark on the world some day.  Over the years, she saw the need for changing how care is delivered in Grenada and started a quest to use technology as the catalyst for change.

That idea was met with much resistance in the beginning, and over the years, some unpleasant consequences followed in her career.  Nevertheless, through persistence and personal endeavors, she gradually earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues and country folks.  Now, that concept is being embraced by the Grenada Ministry of Health who is currently in the process of implementing a digitized healthcare system, a dream she long hoped for.  While things are definitely beginning to look up, she saw the need for telemedicine services as one where she can make a real difference.

Summary of Primary Offering:

EcareRx is making it possible for doctors, patients and well individuals to embrace the benefits of Tele-Health by enabling medical providers to add telemedicine to their practice; encourage individuals to take their physical fitness to the next level; and empower patients with the right tools to be cared for in the familiar setting of their home. 


We provide Bundled Home Medical Devices complete with a Fitbit tracker.


Wellness Monitoring for well individuals.            

Pricing Structure:

We sell bundled service packs to patients consisting of medical devices for home use, together with our home monitoring service. 

Medical Providers pay a monthly software licensing fees to facilitate their telemedicine practice.  There is no long term contact, and they can cancel the service at anytime.


ECareRx exists to bridge the divide between care consumers and care providers utilizing technology to activate patient s’ personal involvement in their care.  We embellish the concept of the patient-centered medical home. 


Our vision is to become the leader in smart medical home technology in Grenada; to become the most trusted and most reliable in service quality and delivery; and to be the company that everyone reaches for when seeking care.   

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to start a new era of patient self-care, and remote Health services in Grenada by providing Telemedicine-as-a-Service.  We aim to maximize quality of care, improve population health, and make care accessible for patients on demand, from anywhere and at anytime care is desired

Core Values: 

Our core values are to inspire fresh innovations in care delivery, to be customer-focus, reliability, and foster a culture of customer confidence.


To be the national tele-Health provider for Grenada, and to extend our service to neighboring countries in the Caribbean.  We also aim to expand further into the smart home and the Internet-of-Things.

Audience Overview: 

Our service is primarily geared towards medical providers wishing to create greater value for their patients; young and physically fit individuals wishing to maintain a state of wellness; patients with high risk pregnancies; and patients with chronic medical conditions wishing to be an active participant in their care.  We also cater to the elderly and their need to be cared for in the familiar environment of their home.


We will be putting together the perfect team of care providers, computer engineers, sales Reps, and support specialist, trained and ready to deliver professional service to our clients around the clock.  Our software partners work in the background to provide the needed technical support to our clients and care providers for a seamless online experience; while our frontline providers deliver personalized care to their clients.

Key Process:

We provide our customers with an easy to use web interface where all of the data from their wearable devices and apps are automatically sync to create a consolidated view of their overall health status.  For patients who opt for managed care at home, we provide them with smart home medical devices for monitoring their disease conditions at a frequency as defined by their care providers.  We provide the interface that enable 24/7 remote monitoring by their physician and care team, so that patients are never more than a phone call away whenever their health status changes.

Company Achievements/News:

We are currently seeking partnerships with key stakeholders in government for the on-boarding of their doctors into our telehealth system, and we are proposing to enhance their chronic disease management capabilities by offering access to our tele-Health monitoring services.

Present Condition:

As a new start-up, our go-to-market activity is centered on the introduction of the Internet-of-Things in healthcare.  We are beginning to change the concept of how care is delivered and how healthcare is consumed.  Consequently, we are giving consumers the power to control their state of wellness and to take charge of their personally generated health data through health apps and home medical devices.

About the CEO and Founder

Deann Scott is a Registered Nurse and eHealth Consultant with 14 years in the information Technology field.  She served for four years at the Government of Grenada's Department of ICT as an IT Project Coordinator, and is now the lone Health-IT Nurse, serving  the Ministry of Health and the General Hospital.  She is a registered member of the Health Information Management System Society (HIMSS) in the US, and a pioneer for health information technology in Grenada.  In 2012 Nurse Scott created a mobile app called ProtectEM, designed to assist victims of domestic violence.  One year later, ProtectEM was nominated for an international award, but did not make it to the final round.  Nevertheless, it was designated Best in eContent for Grenada.

From 2010 - 2012 Deann was employed as Clinic Supervisor/Marketing Manager with the Grenada Planned Parenthood Association (GPPA).  Within the first few months of her tenure, the Planned Parenthood Clinics became the first in Grenada to go paperless, managing patients records electronically.  During that period she contributed a number of innovative ideas to the organization to enhance the care of the patients she served.

eCareRx CEO


Deann E Scott, CEO